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Joint surgeries and bones

What is orthopedic surgery
Orthopedics is a branch of surgery; Specialized in correcting deformities of bones and joints, treating their diseases, and preventing the occurrence of these deformities in the future. Its specialists are called; orthopedic surgeons

What does orthopedics involve?
Correction of congenital deformities in the bones of children.
Treatment of chronic arthritis, fractures and dislocations.
Treatment of joint tuberculosis and bone tumors.
Bone implantation.
Installation of prostheses.
It also includes orthotics; The use of physical therapy, and the use of medical shoes.

The importance of orthopedics
Orthopedic surgery is concerned with modifying, straightening, or repairing deformities in the bones. Some of these deformities result from factors that may affect the body while it is still in the fetal stage, and most of them are evident at birth. Others result from injuries or acquired diseases that affect the body.

Among the important deformities that fall within the scope of orthopedics are:

Posterior dislocation of the hip joint.
anointed foot.
Deformities caused by polio.
Birth injuries.
Deformities resulting from acute or chronic infections of the bones and joints, such as joint tuberculosis and others.
Likewise, cases resulting from poor treatment of some bone and joint injuries, such as dislocations and fractures, and it is used to correct or treat these deformities.
The evolution of orthopedic surgery
There are many methods that include manual therapy and sports movements, the use of special devices for the limbs or the torso, and many delicate surgical operations on the bones, joints and tendons, and perhaps on the nerves and skin.
Accident and fracture surgery is almost separated from surgery and medicine with the existence of the specialty of the orthopedic who does not practice medicine but only splinting bone fractures, and the Arabs have separated since the beginning of the development of Arab medicine between general surgery and bones, so fracture splinting is part of surgery, but it is one of the first branches of specialization in surgery and doctors have excelled in it The Arabs expanded his research and treated all kinds of fractures in bones, both small and large.
The development in the life sciences has led to the development of surgical methods and orthopedic surgery in particular, where fracture splinting has evolved from the use of simple splints to the use of gypsum and then metal rods, especially from metals that do not harm the body, to the discovery of many new diseases with the available research methods and follow-up of patients before specialists in this field.