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Nose surgeries and ear and throat

Medical consultation in ear, nose and throat diseases
Mayo Clinic otolaryngologists work with other specialists to make sure you get exactly the care you need.

Mayo Clinic has an outstanding reputation nationwide, providing expertise in a wide variety of medical and surgical areas to people with problems of the ear, nose, sinuses, head and neck. Our ENT, head and neck surgeons perform hundreds of types of the most common procedures, such as thyroidectomy, eardrum (tympanic membrane) perforation repair, and sinus surgery. They also perform highly complex surgeries, such as endoscopic surgery for pituitary adenomas, robotic-assisted laryngeal cancer surgery, and microsurgery for acoustic neuroma.

Mayo Clinic otolaryngologists offer a comprehensive range of diagnostic methods, treatment, medical procedures, and surgical services, but not all are available at all locations. Please check the options available when requesting an appointment