Date of Publication , Thursday, 03 August 2023

China is preparing for a new Covid wave

China is preparing for a new wave of coronavirus infections, which could reach 65 million cases per week, after easing the restrictions to confront the pandemic, and days after the World Health Organization declared an end to the health emergency related to "Covid 19".

This health data was revealed by respiratory disease specialist Zhong Nanshan, at a medical conference this week in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou, the country that was the cradle of the epidemic.

According to state media, Zhong told the audience that the new wave that began in late April was "expected," and that his statistical model indicated that China might approach 40 million infections per week, and by the end of June, infections would peak at 65 million cases per week.

By comparison, the United States was reporting more than 5 million cases per week at the peak of the epidemic wave in January 2022.

And in early May, the World Health Organization announced that the Corona virus no longer constitutes a global health emergency, which sparked controversy about the response of health systems worldwide to the pandemic, 3 years after it inflicted severe damage on the global economy.